Pallet stacker

  • Full Electric Stacker CL10 Economical Type

  • Full Electric Stacker CL10 Economical Type

  • Full Electric Stacker CL10 Economical Type

  • Full Electric Stacker CL10 Economical Type

  • Product features
  • Reinforcing ribs are set between the inner and outer masts, which ensures that the mast does not lean forward, when the mast rising loaded. The stability of the whole stacker is better.

  • YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.

  • Germany imported waterproof micro-switches are applied in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.

  • External battery charger is better in heat dissipation. Unlike the built-in charger, it avoids the damages caused by vibration.

  • Key switches and electricity meter integrated in the handle makes the operation more convenient.

  • Four colored LED battery meter. The operator can intuitively know the remaining battery power by successively displayed colors -- green, blue, orange, and red.

  • Pneumatic spring in the handle. Releasing the handle, it can be automatically slow reset.

  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low speed control more precise.

  • There are up and down buttons on both sides of the handle, which makes it very easy to operate.

  • Though it is economical stacker, it is still equipped with high-power and high-performance lifting pump station, which ensures the goods lifting.

  • The operation handle is for walkie with lengthened design. The long handle meets the ergonomics principle and is comfortable to operate.

  • Side-driven design effectively reduces the size of operation channel. With small turning radius and better view, this stacker is suitable for narrow spaces.

Full Electric Stacker CL10 Economical TypeMain technical parameters

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