Pallet stacker

  • CL20B

  • CL20B

  • CL20B

  • CL20B

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  • The main mast is made by 12# U-steel, with the leg thickness of 21.3 mm, and the fixed support legs is made by 100*50 rectangular solid steel, which create the powerful mast.

  • Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of stepless speed regulating and reverse braking.

  • The hydraulic power unit, power of 3.0 KW, ensures stable and reliable lifting and lowering when loaded. The speed can be adjusted by the operators.

  • Speed limitation switch for high level.

  • Emergency stop switch.

  • Emergency reverse switch on the handle.

  • The protection arms on both sides of the driving position protect operator’s safety.

  • Double oil cylinder models, better field of vision.

  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low speed control more precise.

  • Folding protection arms act freely. By folding, turning and relying on, the protection arms ensure the safety and comfort.Folding protection arms act freely.

  • The shock absorber under the pedal can absorb the shock generated during the truck’s movements, to alleviate the impact of the road.

  • Up and down buttons are on both sides of the handle, and all operating functions are integrated in the handle, which make it very easy to operate.

  • Put a nylon sling through the lifting holes on the top of the mast to lift the whole stacker, which makes the transportation and replacement of the bottom parts easy and convenient.

  • There is a hole on the top of the back part of battery box. Simply press the battery cable temporarily in this hole.

  • Adjustable bolts on both sides of the fork bracket. When the stacker is used for many years or the forks are not level caused by other factors.

  • Self-diagnostic function of the controller. The handheld unit can display error codes, after connected with controller, to make troubleshooting rapid and accurate.

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