Pallet stacker

  • CL16 Three Mast Standard

  • CL16 Three Mast Standard

  • CL16 Three Mast Standard

  • CL16 Three Mast Standard

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  • The main mast is made by 12# U-steel, with the leg thickness of 21.3 mm, and the fixed support legs is made by 124*50 rectangular solid steel, which create the powerful triple mast stacker.

  • High-performance storage batteries, with capacity of 280AH, have a good cycle performance, strong ability to recover from deep discharging, and long service life.

  • The hydraulic power unit, power of 3.0 KW, ensures stable and reliable lifting and lowering when loaded. The speed can be adjusted by the operators.

  • Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of stepless speed regulating and reverse braking.

  • Speed limitation switch for high level. When the mast lifts a short distance from the bottom, it will touch the switch automatically, changing the operation from transportation mode into stacking mode, lowering the travel speed automatically and improving the safety of the operation.

  • Emergency stop switch. When the truck is in a dangerous condition, pressing the emergency stop switch can cut off the power supply and stop the truck, to protect the safety of the operator and equipment.

  • Emergency reverse switch on the handle. When the truck is backing and out of control, the operator’s belly will hit this switch actively or passively, the truck will stop and quickly reverse movement for a short distance, to prevent the operator’s body from crush injury.

  • The protection arms on both sides of the driving position protect operator’s safety.

  • Widened design at the back of the body greatly increases the stability of high-stacking trucks.

  • Lifting limitation function. When the forks are raised to the maximum height, the system will automatically cut off the power supply for lifting, and smoothly stop. This action not only can save energy, but also extend the service life of hydraulic system and related components.

  • Power outage and brake function. When the handle is released or pressed to the bottom, the truck will be power outage and brake immediately. When the truck is out of control or on the ramp, this feature is particularly useful, which makes the truck more secure and reliable.

  • The high-strength acrylic shield on the mast is with good transparency, strong shock resistance, and excellent protective effect.

  • CURTIS controller MOSFETS is with short circuit protection to prevent the vehicle from runaway.

  • The double cylinders designed specifically for high-stacker, enhance the vehicle stability, while providing a better view.

  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low speed control more precise.

  • Folding protection arms act freely. By folding, turning and relying on, the protection arms ensure the safety and comfort.

  • The shock absorber under the pedal can absorb the shock generated during the truck’s movements, to alleviate the impact of the road.

  • Up and down buttons are on both sides of the handle, and all operating functions are integrated in the handle, which makes it very easy to operate.

  • When the mast is back close to the bottom, it will touch the switch automatically, changing the operation from stacking model into transportation model, increasing the travel speed automatically and improving the working efficiency.

  • Floating driving wheels, front double wheels and rear balance wheel, make the vehicle more stable. The vehicle has strong capacity over obstacles, and flexible operation.

  • Put a nylon sling through the lifting holes on the top of the mast to lift the whole stacker, which makes the transportation and replacement of the bottom parts easy and convenient.

  • Adjustable bolts on both sides of the fork bracket. When the stacker is used for many years or the forks are not level caused by other factors, the users can adjust the bolts to make the forks level.

  • Self-diagnostic function of the controller. The handheld unit can display error codes, after connected with controller, to make troubleshooting rapid and accurate.

  • The battery cover can be opened directly, which makes it convenient to test, maintain and replace the batteries.

CL16 Three Mast StandardMain technical parameters

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