Pallet truck

  • SL30GB(G series)

  • SL30GB(G series)

  • SL30GB(G series)

  • SL30GB(G series)

  • Configuration
  • Performance
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  • Maintenance
  • The front parts of the forks are made by high-strength steel casting, which is strong, solid and not easy to deformation.

  • The hydraulic power unit is with compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no leaks, reliable performance, elegant appearance, and stable lifting and lowering.

  • The most advanced vertical AC drive system. The motor can get more energy and greater braking torque to make it more powerful and better in acceleration.

  • Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of continuously reverse braking.

  • Lifting limitation function.

  • The protection arms on both sides of the driving position protect the operator’s safety.

  • Emergency stop switch.

  • Emergency reverse switch on the handle.

  • The floating stand in drive system ensures the stability of the running vehicle. The vehicle does not tilt when turning around.

  • The shock absorber under the pedal can absorb the shock generated when the truck is moving, to alleviate the impact of the road.

  • Pressurized cylinders are with fast speed, large output, low energy consumption, and prevent skidding when overloaded.

  • The storage trays on the truck body not only perfect the design, but also make it convenient for operator to put the small working objects temporarily.

  • The whole series is equipped with Electric Power Steering system (EPS) to make the control of handle easy and comfortable, which greatly reduces the operator’s labor intensity.

  • The below part of the front truck can be opened, which make the testing for cylinders, oil tubes and other parts more quick.

  • The battery cover can be opened directly, which makes it convenient to test, maintain and replace the batteries.

  • Self-diagnostic function of the controller. The handheld unit can display error codes, after connected with controller, to make troubleshooting rapid and accurate.

SL30GB(G series)Main technical parameters

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