Pallet truck

  • SL15

  • SL15

  • SL15

  • SL15

  • Product features
  • YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, light weight, low loss and high efficiency.

  • Key switches and electricity meter integrated in the handle make the operation more convenient.

  • External battery charger is better in heat dissipation.

  • Four colored LED battery meter.

  • Lifting limitation function.

  • Solid metal shields not only protect the drive system, but also protect the operator’s feet from injury.

  • Germany imported waterproof micro-switches are applied in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.

  • There are up and down buttons on both sides of the handle, which make it very easy to operate.

  • Pneumatic spring in the handle. Releasing the handle, it can be automatically slow reset.

  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low speed control more precise.

SL15Main technical parameters

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