Counterbalance stack

  • Three pivot Counterbalanced type forklift series (G)

  • Three pivot Counterbalanced type forklift series (G)

  • Three pivot Counterbalanced type forklift series (G)

  • Three pivot Counterbalanced type forklift series (G)

  • Product features
  • Side-pull batteries. It makes the replacement more quickly and easily, ensures the continuous operation, and greatly improves efficiency.

  • New chimney design, beautiful and strong, not only to the headlamps have protective effect, and is easy to remove the maintenance.

  • Unfolding a snap button can fully open the cover. The users can check, test and maintain the driving system assembly, pump stations, controller assembly, batteries as well as other main electrical components.

  • Lifting limitation function. When the forks are raised to the Maximum height, the system will automatically cut off the power supply for lifting, and smoothly stop. This action not only can save energy, prevent the danger, but also extend the service life of hydraulic system and related components.

  • The fire extinguisher bracket is on the rear part of overhead guard, with a reasonable height for catch. It reminds the users to get a fire extinguisher, and raises awareness of fire prevention to protect lives and property.

  • Hand brake and handle is set on the right side, which meets the ergonomic principles. It reduces the operator’s labor intensity and improves the operation comfort.

  • Wide-field mast design and reasonable position for dual cylinders make the operator with open vision and improve efficiency and safety of operation.

  • Variable wheelbase design. Move the front axle to convert the length of the wheelbase. When extended, the whole vehicle becomes longer and provides the safer loading, superior traction and smoother driving. When retracted, the whole vehicle becomes shorter, which makes it more convenient to work in narrow places.

  • Rear Wheel Drive design is with smaller dive current, lower energy loss, and longer working time of the batteries, compared with dual front wheel drive. The rear wheel is both driving wheel and steering wheel, which makes the shorter turning radius.

  • The most advanced vertical AC drive system. The motor can get more energy and greater braking torque to make it more powerful, better in acceleration and grade ability, which ensures the forklift run smoothly on uneven road and slope.

  • High frequency MOSFET integrated AC controller provides flexibility and precise speed control. The motor and electric controller matches well with the functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking, and anti-slip on ramp.

  • The whole series is equipped with Electric Power Steering system (EPS) to make the control of handle easy and comfortable, which greatly reduces the operator’s labor intensity. By turning easily at a low speed, and stably at a high speed, EPS makes turning more intelligent and control more precise.

  • Full free lifting is optional. It allows the stacker to work in containers or other working places with limited height.

  • Dual masts forklift. The free lifting set between the top of oil cylinder piston rod and the top rail of inner mast. The lifting height of the forks is within 100mm, the inner mast will not lift. This design is very practical when the forklift go through some gates.

  • Speed limitation device for high height. When the mast lifted above 300 mm, the travel speed will lower automatically to improve the safety of operation.

  • Voice reversing alarm. It alerts when the forklift is reverse driving. The sound is clear and stable, which alert the staff around the working area.

  • Steering wheel can be adjusted up and down. The seat can be adjusted forward and backward. The backrest can be tilted. All the designs adopt the ergonomic principles, and meet different needs of the operators, to achieve the best operation position.

  • Excellent heat dissipation. Two cooling fans on the main box, one is for inlet air, another is for air-out. And the controller is coated with cooling gel. All these multiple settings lower the operating temperature of controller, drives, pump station as well as other electrical components, and ensure the stability of the system.

  • Steering-round design makes the forklift can turn 360 degree in situ, and reduce the turning radius. All these make it more suitable to work in narrow places.

Three pivot Counterbalanced type forklift series (G)Main technical parameters

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