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Jialift-----Economical type electric stacker CL15,CL1030J appear on the market

Jialift-----Economical type electric stacker CL15,CL1030J appear on the market

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  • Time of issue:2014-09-25
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"High cost performance, small simple, easy to operate, strength the new economical warehouse forklift, I phase at the first glance. “Customer said with a smile. A few days ago, Economical type electric stacker CL15,CL1030J appear on the market.Listed a few days, with its simple design and high cost performance, has accumulated a large number of purchase intentions, order quantity rapid growth, in the market caused a warm response.


Economical type electric pallet truck SL15 contracted wind, delicate, exquisite design, structure, because of its small size, easy to operate, to light, and with a cartoon nick name "small iron cow". On the production process, by using the modular assembly model easy to maintain, can be in accordance with customer preferences "private tailored" goods fork length, width, the standard load of 1500 kg. 15 years of long service life design, let SL15 fully meets the requirements of the use of most customers.



Economical type electric pallet stacker CL1030J, maximum load of 1000 kg, the biggest hoisting height is 3000 mm, it adopts side drive drive design, can effectively reduce the operation channel, is more suitable for the narrow space operations. An automatic braking ramp function, to ensure the safety of slope parking. And its long life and maintenance-free battery is green energy saving, can meet the demand of users in the handling of low frequency.


In terms of safety, economical warehouse forklift SL15, CL1030J drive controller with over voltage, low voltage, over current, high temperature, short circuit and so on the many kinds of protection function. Handle emergency reverse button, effectively prevent the operator by accident. In danger when press the red emergency power switch, can quickly cut off the vehicle power supply, to ensure safety. Two new product design, fashion and more humanized. People realize, warehousing stacker is no longer thought of that kind of stupid car, can also be very fashionable. As China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, human handling will be more and more expensive, warehouse forklift began to be widely used, and is by manual and electric type of transition to a fully electric, and economical warehouse forklift with its ultra high cost performance, become a bridge of transition, predictably, economical warehouse forklift will be popularized at the speed of people surprised.  

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