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Strength to participate in 2014 Shanghai CEMAT ASIA exhibition

Strength to participate in 2014 Shanghai CEMAT ASIA exhibition

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On October 27 to 30, 2014 ASIA international logistics technology and transport system (CeMAT ASIA) exhibition was held at Shanghai new international expo center.As an Asian material handling and logistics industry, one of the largest international exhibition CEMAT ASIA has always been considered an indicator of logistics industry in the Asia-pacific region, so many display platform, strength will certainly not absent, the headquarters moved to Zhejiang from Shanghai soon after, strength and take many blockbuster products return to Shanghai, appearance on the CEMAT ASIA exhibition.


The strength of the model are as follows: the whole electric truck, electric stacker vehicle, reach forklift, standing before the balance heavy forklift, three pivot ride balance forklift, etc.In addition to the normal product, strength with electronic power steering is also introduced a whole electric truck and car product stacking, and introduced the latest budget for the first time all walking type electric truck (small iron cow), economical type all-electric cars stacking on foot.Warehouse forklift configuration of electronic power steering system, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators, it has become the development trend of China's warehouse forklift;And economical type warehouse forklift on foot, is currently China's warehouse forklift by hand, half power class to make the transition to all electric bridge.Electronic power steering model and walking type economical models, is a strength grasp market pulse, to speed up the pace of technological innovation is important reflect.


In order to promote strength brand image, the company hired professional exhibition design company for booth design and build.To strength the classic orange as the background color of the booth, in neon light blue and green plants bonsai, reflects a festive and lively atmosphere.Four sets of discuss the tables and chairs, convenient and rest negotiations;Strength for candy and leisure snacks, like fresh vitamins, no longer feel tired, let go tired guest mood, sweet !  The booth set up special decoration, change the image of the usual monotonous dull strength stands, stimulate the curiosity of the old and new customers, show than expected results have been achieved.



The exhibition, the company sent three people for the first time foreign trade team, with the most professional level, and the visiting foreign clients to communicate and made a lot of good intention.New employees more, in addition, in view of the Zhejiang headquarters the present situation of the new staff doesn't know much about warehouse forklift industry, hen points several batches organization the new employees to visit .Everybody visits, to the warehouse forklift brands on the market have a certain understanding, and then to the whole warehouse forklift industry also had a deeper understanding, many new employees are very excited, the original warehouse forklift can be so wonderful, warehouse forklift the world is so big.During the exhibition, strength the booth daily reception to visit merchants or visits, very popular.October 30, time flies, in the afternoon, a four-day CeMAT ASIA came to a close, through this exhibition, strength further deepened the friendship and contact with new and old customers, strength of new employees to the warehouse forklift truck industry had immediate awareness and understanding, and strengthening marketing team actively discuss with numerous domestic and foreign merchants to communicate, a warm welcome by the vast number of merchants and praise.Strength will be in a more positive attitude into the warehouse forklift truck market competition!

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