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Second plant has been put into use

Second plant has been put into use

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  • Time of issue:2014-11-15
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After four months’ construction, the second plant of JIALIFT has been completed and formally put into use on 15th Nov. 2014, which covers an area of 5,000 square meters.


Since the operation of Changxing base in last September, the business has been increased by leaps and bounds. And the original factory of 7,000 square meters is no longer enough for production. The conflict of cutting, welding, assembly and packing has been affected work efficiency. Under the coordination of the company directors, the construction of second plant was soon put on the agenda. With all the great efforts, it only took four months to finish the second plant.



The material, cutting, welding and several other production processes of the first plant have been shifted to the second plant, as well as the new welding robot. While the spare parts supply, assembly, and finished products warehouse are still in the first plant. The use of second plant makes the functional areas much more reasonable and standardized, increases the production efficiency, and better the management of the production site (e.g. 6S). In this way, it optimizes manufacturing processes, and continuously improves production efficiency and reduces the cost.


More and more enterprises have recognized that the plant is not only the traditional production place; it has gradually become the display window of the company to the outside. In actual operation, the customers have much more demands for the type and quality of the products. They will pay great attention to every aspect about the whole process, from the inspection of parts manufacturer purchased, the inspection for the production process in the factory, and the study about the finished products at the factory. All these activities are carried out in the plant. Fine production process plays an important role.


With the use of the second plant, the current production capacity will be improved, the production efficiency and product quality will also be enhanced, and the development of the company will enter a new era.

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