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Jialift for the first time to participate in the international logistics technology in Sydney, Australia

Jialift for the first time to participate in the international logistics technology in Sydney, Australia

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Local time on May 5, every two years, three days of international logistics technology is opened at the Olympic park in Australia in Sydney.


International logistics technology in Sydney, AUSTRALIA (CeMAT AUSTRALIA) sponsored by the German hannover exhibition group, is the first time hannover exhibition logistics brand series held in Oceania. This exhibition to get support warehousing logistics association of Australia. Logistics association exhibition held in same logistics summit, Japan, Malaysia, association of logistics and supply chain association and other international organizations will attend. This exhibition brings together the world's most cuttingedge, the most widely logistics technology and equipment of the enterprises, fully demonstrates the modern logistics field frontier science and technology, innovation,and service concept. For global customers to provide comprehensive contact and understanding the world professional logistics equipment and procurement logistics handling equipment, such as one-stop shopping platform.



JIALIFT the carrying, including three tons of electric truck full of the latest model of the new product exhibition, the new three tons truck design is simple and novel, with the latest in the vertical communication of electronic power steering system, reaction is very sharp, manipulation, comfortable freely with unmatched flexibility and,precise speed control, at the conference attracted a large number of merchants gathered. Listening to the strength staff detailed product introduction, and prospects of,JIALIFT brand after a preliminary understanding, a forklift truck agent in Sydney local, and many customers from South America, showed great interest in JIALIFT products, express a strong agent intention.


By means of the Sydney international logistics technology platform, JIALIFT on Oceania market and global market development, and taken a solid step forward. The exhibition,the strength of harvest is not only a large number of customers,more learning to develop international market experience, strengthened under the new normal overcome the crisisof confidence and determination to become bigger and stronger enterprise, strength will be more high-tech products, more rapid after-sales service, based on China, going global.

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