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Jialift at CeMAT ASIA 2015 in Shanghai

Jialift at CeMAT ASIA 2015 in Shanghai

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Asian International Exhibition logistics technology and transportation systems (CeMAT ASIA 2015) as the most famous and professional logistics industry show in Asia-Pacific region, was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from 27th Oct. to 30th Oct. JIALIFT attended this show with five series, sixteen models,including power pallet truck, power stacker, electric reach stacker, counterbalanced electric forklift, and electric lift table, concentrating a full coverage of different grades, such as universal, economy, standard and high-end type. The new GREEN series of 2015 summer season attracted lots of visitors, with its new design, accurate manufacturing process, technology and environmental green color.



As the new generation of electric warehouse forklift for JIALIFT, G series products focus on green color, equipped with vertical AC drive, electronic power steering system, concentrated high configuration, high performance, and high quality. With humanized design, high versatility, easy handling, fast response, and high efficiency, GSeries is a new landmark of domestic warehouse forklifts, and will be much more competitive in domestic and international market. The most popular model in this exhibition is the latest mini three-wheel forklift, which is the achievement of the entire team, with the compact structure, intelligent equipment, and easy-control design. This mini three-wheel forklift is a brand new design compared with the past model in streamlined shape.


JIALIFT hired a professional exhibition booth design and construction company for this show. We had a larger booth compared with previous years. Focusing on functionality, we divided the whole booth into inquiry area, exhibition area, reception area and meeting area. The design of the booth was bright, attractive, with a sense of technology. The big LOGO of JIALIFT was on the round orange ceiling in the middle of the booth. The pictures of our factory were on the both sides of the wall, which makes the visitors feel comfortable and impressive.


Throughout recent years, the exhibitors of traditional diesel forklift became fewer in Shanghai CeMAT ASIA exhibition, while the exhibitors of electric warehouse forklift occupied almost the entire exhibition hall. This is the change that every visitor can feel when they went through the hall. This is the change that Chinese forklift industry faced. And this is the change for the development and competition these years. In China, almost all truck manufacturers are increasing their investment in electric warehouse forklifts. JIALIFT still needs more efforts to meet both opportunities and challenges.

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