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ZHEJIANG JIALIFT WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT CO.LTD. is located in the industrial concentration zone of Hongxingqiao Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province. It is a domestic professional and experienced warehousing logistics handling equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company covers an area of ​​80,000 square meters, has more than 400 employees and has assets of 200 million yuan. The products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions, with a sales revenue of 300 million yuan in 2019.

Improve the core competitiveness and devote myself to building a good modern enterprise in the domestic industry. "Scary" has the tireless pursuit and unremitting innovation and development. The company is a national high-tech enterprise and the first domestic electric storage vehicle listed on the NEEQ. It has successively won the "Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise", "Transformation and Upgrade Model Enterprise", "Huzhou Enterprise Technology Center", and "Huzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprise". , "Zhejiang Province Hidden C-shaped Champion Cultivation Enterprise", "Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise R&D Center", "Huzhou City Informatization Demonstration Enterprise", "Changxing County Government Quality Award" and other awards.

Over the years, the company has always regarded improving the core competitiveness of the company as an important task, attaching great importance to scientific development and persisting in the implementation of the strategy of developing factories with science and technology, taking the road of joint production, education and research, and having extensive cooperation with universities and research institutions. And established the "Professor, Doctor, Expert and Flexible Workstation". A large number of outstanding high-end talents have been introduced successively, and the layout has been based on the vision of corporate development, which has promoted the leapfrog development of the company.

The company has obtained the A-level special equipment manufacturing license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, and has passed the ISO9001\ISO14001\ISO18001 quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system and the CE certification of the full range of products. It has obtained more than 140 patents and 20 Many new products have passed the provincial appraisal and have been assessed as domestic advanced level by domestic senior experts and authoritative departments.

The company has a large number of advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, production management is in line with international standards, and adopts international advanced standards and scientific advanced management methods to promote enterprise development. With the mission of striving for survival and development and contributing to the society as the core value, to meet customer needs as the core value, we continue to introduce to the market high-end smart products that lead the development of the industry, winning a high degree of recognition within the industry and customers, and having a good reputation in the society The reputation of the company interprets the mission and responsibilities of the people of SCGC.

Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. Strong capital investment, continuous joining of high-end talents, advanced scientific management and continuous innovation concepts enable the company to gradually advance in the fierce market competition. "Afterburner" is a very sunny company. As China's warehousing and logistics equipment industry grows and rises internationally, the company will seize the opportunity to win one round of new development. A hopeful and energetic "Afterburner" is taking vigorous steps to create a more brilliant future.

Integrity, innovation, pursuit of excellence", to build a leading domestic enterprise is the eternal pursuit of the "Scheme" people.

"Afterburner" welcome you!

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